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Creating branding for artists that can last the test of time and evolve with them is something CrimoMedia prides itself on.

Brigitte Boisjoli is such a case. The major record label she was signed with came to us originally because they were having an “image problem” for Brigitte.  Wanting her to stand out from the crowd was the only mandate. We saw even farther and were able to create a strong lasting image for the artist.



We carefully customized her branding over the years to reflect her own personal evolution so that her public image fit her personality like a glove. She has reached many milestones as artist of the year awards and, best selling recording artist many times over.

Her testimonial about Crimomedia can be found in a national magazine where she attests to how much her branding has contributed to her career. To read this testimony, CLICK HERE .

Having an extensive musical background which even includes having played the bell center, the multi-platform content creators that makeup Crimomedia have a powerful grasp on what it takes to create an image for an artist that not only serves them well but expresses who that artist is to her public. 

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