Many celebrity clients come to us at the beginning of their new business endeavors for their brand development. Transitioning from beloved celebrity to being the  face of a brand is a delicate matter requiring multi-level image creation expertise, and a deep understanding of the subtleties of marketing to a specific public.

One of those elements includes conceptualizing an a specific  image direction in the early stages of the brand ‘s development with room to grow, using gorgeous pictorials, videos and immaculate site designs.

After working and developing such cases, for over a decade, creating a visual environment for  celebrities to proudly be the face of their own brand/company has become a specialty of Crimomedia.

We have consistently and successfully used this strategy for inter-platform creative branding strategy.


After many successful years as an actress Miss Paiement found it was time to create her own brand centering around beauty and fashion. Our initial mission was to imagine a world for her namesake perfume that we could subsequently build on for many of  her future projects.

Consequently, we chose to center the meat of the branding around her unique beauty and keep distractions to a minimum for a very sophisticated aspirational brand image. This strategy still serves her to this day for all her campaign needs.



During almost a decade of brand development with CrimoMedia, the eponymous jewelry company was able to establish itself as a frontrunner in becoming one of Canada ‘s fastest growing companies.



Varda’s vibrant personality and striking beauty was key in creating the images for her new and exciting cosmetic line. All of the elements involved in the multi- image campaign had to work in synergy towards that specific direction:  glamourous, inclusive and international. We are happy to say that Varda’s line as VKOSMETIK is being sold at various pharmacies across Québec.


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