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Well known for their still/motion work in the fashion, music, advertising and celebrity spheres, the A-team that is CrimoMedia is a sought after image creating production house. Their pre and post-production skills, their art direction,  as well as the complicity they cultivate with their clients, all contribute to making them a top content creating team.


Armed with their strong belief of the democratization of quality and the highest level esthetics for all, they have

developed a unique approach that enables them to keep their team small and costs affordable for their clients while providing them world class excellence in still and motion productions. Whether for web, billboards, tv, or print, high-end aesthetic is always priority number one for Crimomedia!


Having worked with many, many name dropping worthy private clients, artists and companies, they are known for keeping the level of quality high and the drama low. As a matter of fact, most returning clients know that they can count on CrimoMedia during every step for all their projects.


Their creative adventures have included producing ad campaigns for Cavalia, Canon, Jenny Craig, Ubisoft, and Amarula. Other corporate clients include:  San Francisco boutiques , Air Canada ( en Route) Clin d’Oeil, Universal, Musicor, Musicvox, Bijoux Caroline Neron, Radio Canada, RW &co, Mango, and Many more.


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